Friday, August 5, 2011


A new topic has emerged in my class that has captured almost everyones interest. It all started when M and C made a spider house which inspired E to make a box of caterpillars  which in turn motivated Z and J to make a home for lizards. I displayed their creations on top of a low bookshelf and J commented that it looked like a 'bug museum'. I agreed and asked what else might be displayed in a bug museum. He announced that he was a bit of an expert on museums because he went to them a lot and asked for a large sheet of paper so that he could draw his ideas.

I asked the children to share what they know about museums and we looked at some photographs of museum displays. We noticed that all the displays had lots of information to go with them and came to the conclusion that maybe we should find out a bit more about bugs so we could also do this.

A small group of children went around with my flip camera and asked their peers firstly what they knew about bugs and then what they wanted to learn. They had some interesting questions which we will endeavour to find the answers to. If you have 2 minutes to spare, have a listen to some of the things they said. It's very cute...

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