Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our News Book - Modelled Writing & Shared Reading in One!

This is an idea I picked up in New Zealand from a workshop that Jill Eggleton ran at my previous school. Each day we pick a piece of news - either something that has happened at school that day or something a child has shared from home. I then write it up in the news book (a large scrap book). Depending on our focus, the children help me to write the beginning/ middle/ end sounds of words,  tell me where to put finger spaces, where the full stop goes etc. Later in the day the child whose news it is illustrates the page and then in the afternoon we read the sentence again together. I use this as an opportunity to find words beginning with a focus letter, identify the first word / last word / a word in the sentence, find high frequency words, clap the syllables in a particular word etc. This has been great for getting the children to attend to print and reinforce early literacy concepts. My kids love reading their news book independently in the book corner too. 

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